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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Mom Celebrates Her 80th Birthday

 Mom celebrates her 80th birthday today. I am so happy that she has reached this age still strong enough to appreciate the people around her. She is becoming sickly because of hypertension, heart ailment, diabetes and rheumatism but by God’s grace, she is stronger than most people are her age.

Friends, family and church mates have come to greet her. Our pastor has prayed for her and that means a lot to her. A neighbor has given her beautiful flowers from their backyard. Some have brought food. I have bought her ice cream and cake as my birthday gift to her. Dad used to do that for her so she is a little sentimental about her birthday because she misses Dad so much. We have sung to her, her favorite song, "Leaving On A Jetplane", Dad's song to her and just as all have expected, she cries.

I hope she survives her hypertension and diabetes for many more fruitful years.  


  1. happy birthday to your mom! reaching that age is such a blessing.

  2. Oh thanks Carina. I have just seen your comment today. Thanks again...


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