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Monday, September 27, 2010

Fixing Epitaphs

We went to the cemetery this morning. Dad’s place looked good although the marble epitaph had faded a bit.  Mom asked the caretaker to fix it and polish it again for dad’s birthday on Saturday. The caretaker said he would douse it with muriatic acid to remove the soiled spots and dust, then he would re-paint the embossed name with black glossy paint.

We’ll go back on Saturday for Dad’s birthday. I hope it wouldn’t rain. 

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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Till Death Do Us Part

It is dad’s 73rd  birthday in a week’s time. Time really passes so swiftly. We will surely go to the cemetery to pay his remains a visit then probably we’ll try to celebrate his birthday as we have always done as a family. Of course, it can never be the same again. The ice cream and cake would not bring back the warmth of his presence but we can remember the happy days that we have always had together as one family.

I remember our chess games. He is good at it and I would seldom take a game. We have also had some basketball games during his younger days while I am still a boy. We have had wonderful times together especially when he would take me along to his work; testing revolvers and rifles at firing ranges particularly at the AFP-GHQ-RDC Compound at Libis, Quezon City. I really love it! We are inseparable. Even when I’m a grown up; most especially in church ministry. Until, he has succumbed to a sudden cardiac death due to renal failure. It is the time when I have fully absorbed the essence of “till death do us part”. Yes, this line has always been used by couples for their pledge of love in wedding ceremonies but the essence of separation in that line is true to any form of relationship and you can never prepare for it. It would always be crushing when it happens most especially if it has come unexpectedly.

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