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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Mom Got Struck by Pneumonia

Mom is suffering from pneumonia. She is starting to feel difficulty with her breathing so we have decided to take her to the hospital. It is scary since this is the first time that she has to stay in a hospital for a while.

This is the first time also that I have been in a hospital to watch over a sick parent. I have failed to do that to Dad but at least I have a chance to do it to Mom. I try to attend to some of her needs although I cannot do this without the assistance of Mylene. It is quite ironic that I seek assistance so I can assist my Mom, being on a wheel chair.

She has to stay in a private room...

Thank God, the medication has gone smoothly. She has stayed in the hospital for only three days.

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Especially for You by Elisha Keren Durant

Oh, I must admit that I have stolen this video clip from the Facebook account of my new favorite singer Elisha Kerren Durant, with her own rendition of "Especially for You". I am proud to boast that she is a member of the FEU chorale. I hope she can forgive me for stealing this video clip....


Dad was still alive when Elisha and I met. I did the arrangement of a musical piece for her, "The Day He Wore My Crown", which she used for a musical competition where she won first prize. 

Four years have passed and her voice continues to get better. I believe she has a promising career in the field of music not unless she decides not to pursue it. Great lady with a great voice!
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