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Monday, August 10, 2009

Farewell, Tita Edna

Dr. Ednaflor delos Santos
May 12, 1941 – August 7, 2009

Last Thursday, August 6, I received a text message at about 12:16pm from our Pastor:

“Please pray for Ate Edna, she is in bad shape. She is in the emergency room of FEU hospital now –Pastor Veron.”

I prayed for her intently. I waited for developments hoping that she would turn out ok. At about 3:45pm, I received an update from our pastor:

“She is still unstable.”

The following morning, August 7, I received the sad news from our pastor:

“She passed away this 3am.”

The inevitable has come. She had to go, because of colon cancer.

When I first heard that she had cancer, I was shocked. I recalled how she put up a prayer chain through text messages for her friend who had cancer a few years back. I was one with her in praying for her friend. I never thought that she would need the same prayer chain for herself.

She underwent operation last year and she recovered quickly. I was able to talk to her when she went to church after a few days. She looked very beautiful without any trace of illness. She was a picture of strength in spite of illness because she was holding on to her faith in the power of Christ in her life. I would always remember her that way…

She was my mentor in writing. She gave me important tips about how to write properly in terms of style and technique however, we were not able to finish our goal. She was preparing me to contribute an article for a newspaper column “Hi Blood” where she used to write. It might not happen anymore but what I had learned from her were a treasure that I would cherish forever.

Seven years ago she gave me a gift, which I hold very dearly to my heart. She asked me to be quiet about it so I would just keep it to myself. However, I would like to say that I would not be able to do all these that I love doing today if it were not for her.

If she could read this, I would like to tell her…

“Thank you Tita Edna for your kindness and love. Thank you for mentoring me and inspiring me to write. You will always be in my heart… farewell and ‘till we meet again…”


Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Kris Aquino’s Lament

Toward the last part of the funeral rites for President Cory that I was watching on GMA-7, Kris Aquino, daughter of the late president, went up to the podium to say her final tribute to her mom. She was very emotional.

A part of her discourse struck me so much; “I lied to her (referring to her mom) when I told her that we’re going to be ok… It would take a lifetime for us to be ok…” Her words kept coming back to me, over and over…

Death is such a painful parting most especially with a parent who have been with you all your life; helping you, serving you, teaching you and guiding you. Her words have made me recall my dad who has left too. After 8 months, I still miss him so much. She is right, family occasions like Christmas will never be the same again.

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