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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Happy Fathers' Day!

Happy Fathers' Day to all the fathers out there and to those who might not have been given a chance to become a father yet, but has been acting like a father in many ways.

This is your special day and I hope that you will enjoy every bit of it.


Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kevin Villanueva’s Graduation Picture

The graduation picture of Kevin Villanueva at the gravestone of his parents that he has posted on Facebook has gone viral a couple of days ago.

Kevin Villanueva, 21, visits his parents' grave on his graduation day. He posted this photo on Facebook, and went viral a couple of days ago. He inspired a lot of people (Photo from Villanueva's Facebook page).

The picture warms the heart of many since he has lost both his parents already and on a very important day in his life, which is his graduation, he could no longer share with them the joy and the honor in his heart. All he could do is sit beside their gravestone and pose for a picture as if they can be with him even for a short time.

A graduation picture is one thing I have missed for Dad and Mom. In high school yes, but in our culture, a college degree is still the best honor a child can give his parents and that is something I have failed to give them. Dad has passed away without getting the chance to brag to his friends about a graduating youngest son.

At least, in high school, when I have received the honor of topping the National College Entrance Examination (now defunct) in our batch, I have felt how proud my parents, brother and teachers have been. It is just frustrating that I have missed the chance of honoring my parents with a college diploma.

I guess, the best diploma we can give our parents is not the nice folded paper we get during commencement exercises but other peoples’ testimony about how we use our life for God, our family, our friends and even for the community. It is not always a diploma but the goodness of character in the many facets of living that will define a person in a manner that will bring lasting honor to his or her parents’ name.

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dad's 4th Heavenly Birthday

Dad's gravestone: we brought him some nice flowers
We've been to Dad's grave yesterday, December 17. It's been his fourth death anniversary but I'd like to copy a term for "death anniversary" I've seen on a Facebook account of a pastor: "heavenly birthday". Yes, I believe in my heart that Dad is with the Lord and this is his fourth year there of course just using earthly time.

Sometimes, we try to avoid using the word "death" because it has fearful connotations but for Christians, the physical death is only the door to the one, which is eternal in the presence of the Lord.

Anyways, we have gone to the cemetery early yesterday and we have stayed a little longer than usual. We've been able to talk to the caretaker and we've learned that he has suffered from stroke too and it has damaged seriously his eyes. Because of that, he could no longer continue with his work. He has transferred his obligations in the cemetery to his son.

We did not have ice cream and cake this time... but the feeling of missing Dad still remains and will remain for as long as I live...

Thursday, November 1, 2012

All Saints Day 2012

Dad's Tombstone
As always, we went to the cemetery yesterday to remember Dad. It was a fair day so we were able to stay for a few hours. We bought a nice flower arrangement and lighted up candles. We did not offer those as a ritual for the dead though. We just wanted to express how much he means to us and how much we are missing him.

Many people had gone to the cemetery to fix the grave of their loved ones too. Some had brought wonderful flowers that look very expensive. Some enterprising individuals had set up stores to cater to the needs of the people swarming the cemetery. There were drinks and food for those who got thirsty and hungry. Many were setting up tents so they could have a shield against the heat of the sun.

I just hoped that Dad could see us...

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mom Recovers from Stroke

Thank God! Mom has recovered from her stroke. She can walk straight again on her own. She can attend to her own basic needs like going to the CR and walking around the house effortlessly. Thanks also to her doctor, Dr Arwin David, Commonwealth Hospital and Medical Center.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Dad's Birthday 2012

Dad's Remains Resting Place
Yesterday, was Dad's birthday. As always, we went to the cemetery to remember him. Although, we could not stay very long because it was raining. In fact, I was not even able to go near his tombstone because the soil was damp. My wheel chair might get stuck in the mud. It was disappointing.

This time though, I asked Mom's caregiver, Mylene, to take pictures of Dad's tomb area. It was unfortunate that we didn't have any camera at home so I just asked her to use her camera phone (My mobile phone's camera has been broken since four years ago). The shots were not that clear here though. 
After several shots, we decided to leave and just come back on All Saints' Day. Maybe,the weather would be better by then and we could stay longer enough.

Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mom's First Stroke

This is scary. Mom seems to be suffering from a stroke. We are a bit panicky. She could no longer hold a piece of bread or pill particularly with her left hand. She could no longer stand up straight when she is trying to walk. She feels very weak.

Mylene has called her doctor to inform him of Mom’s condition and find out the necessary steps to do. Her doctor has advised to take her to the hospital for immediate and proper diagnosis. She has to stay in the hospital again.

In the hospital, she is bedridden totally. She could no longer go the CR by herself. She needs to wear diapers for her urine and feces.

The CT-Scan test has shown that Mom has indeed suffered from a mild stroke. Thank God, the blood clots in the brain are minimal. Still, we are not taking any chances.
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