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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Mom's First Stroke

This is scary. Mom seems to be suffering from a stroke. We are a bit panicky. She could no longer hold a piece of bread or pill particularly with her left hand. She could no longer stand up straight when she is trying to walk. She feels very weak.

Mylene has called her doctor to inform him of Mom’s condition and find out the necessary steps to do. Her doctor has advised to take her to the hospital for immediate and proper diagnosis. She has to stay in the hospital again.

In the hospital, she is bedridden totally. She could no longer go the CR by herself. She needs to wear diapers for her urine and feces.

The CT-Scan test has shown that Mom has indeed suffered from a mild stroke. Thank God, the blood clots in the brain are minimal. Still, we are not taking any chances.
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