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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Dad's 4th Heavenly Birthday

Dad's gravestone: we brought him some nice flowers
We've been to Dad's grave yesterday, December 17. It's been his fourth death anniversary but I'd like to copy a term for "death anniversary" I've seen on a Facebook account of a pastor: "heavenly birthday". Yes, I believe in my heart that Dad is with the Lord and this is his fourth year there of course just using earthly time.

Sometimes, we try to avoid using the word "death" because it has fearful connotations but for Christians, the physical death is only the door to the one, which is eternal in the presence of the Lord.

Anyways, we have gone to the cemetery early yesterday and we have stayed a little longer than usual. We've been able to talk to the caretaker and we've learned that he has suffered from stroke too and it has damaged seriously his eyes. Because of that, he could no longer continue with his work. He has transferred his obligations in the cemetery to his son.

We did not have ice cream and cake this time... but the feeling of missing Dad still remains and will remain for as long as I live...

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