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Sunday, June 21, 2009

It’s Father’s Day

This is the first Fathers’ Day after Dad has gone. It is sad; very sad because I miss him so much and there is no way I can see him again in this lifetime. I remember last year, I have given him an Avon Musk cologne as a gift. He even proudly showed it to Mom.

Actually, Mom has celebrated her 78th birthday last Sunday and it is also her first birthday after Dad has passed away. She is sad but the greeters somehow has chased away her loneliness for a moment especially when Elisha has sung a song for her birthday in church.

Dad’s death is something I know would happen but I have never welcomed in my mind. He is strong especially at his age. I have always thought that he would live longer than others. However, when he has suffered from stroke in January of 2006, my life has changed indescribably.

He literally lifts me up; he carries me on his back. He has been my feet. Then suddenly, he is no longer as strong as he used to be. Almost three years have passed before his mortal body has succumbed to a sudden cardiac death. Now, I have lost my feet; the man who carries me on his back.

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Thursday, June 4, 2009

At the Warehouse Office

Basketball and biking kept me busy at the plant. However, there were many times when I wanted to do what the employees were doing. One time, I went into the warehouse office. They were busy filling up some documents and typing on pink papers certain numbers. It was interesting for me. So, when everybody went out, I thought it was time for me to learn how to do what they were doing. I picked up some of those pink papers with long numbers at the upper right side. I inserted one into a typewriter and copied what they typed on the others.

“I would finish this before they return”. I told myself.

However, I could not avoid mistakes.

“I can’t show them these pink papers with erasures…” I told myself again.

So I just crumpled them and threw them into the garbage basket. I think, I used up more or less four pink papers before I got bored. It was taking them too long to return so I decided to leave the warehouse office.

After maybe an hour, I returned. They were smiling at me but there was something in their smile that made my heart beat fast. I did not know why until somebody asked me…

“Did you type on the pink papers?”

“Oh no! What did I do this time?” I asked myself. Something in me wanted to deny it so I shook my head left to right to say no.

“Don’t deny it! We recovered the crumpled pink papers from the garbage basket”, the man said. I kept silent.

“Don’t you know that those papers have control numbers? He continued. “You’re dead meat!” He scared me as he laughed.

“Oh no! Not again!” I told myself. This time I was really scared. I left the room. After a while, dad approached me. I knew I was in trouble.

“Next time, don’t play with company equipment and documents. Do you understand?” Dad said.

“Yes, dad”. I replied with a nod. I expected some spanking from Dad but it did not come.

From that time on, I never played with purchase order forms.

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