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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Kevin Villanueva’s Graduation Picture

The graduation picture of Kevin Villanueva at the gravestone of his parents that he has posted on Facebook has gone viral a couple of days ago.

Kevin Villanueva, 21, visits his parents' grave on his graduation day. He posted this photo on Facebook, and went viral a couple of days ago. He inspired a lot of people (Photo from Villanueva's Facebook page).

The picture warms the heart of many since he has lost both his parents already and on a very important day in his life, which is his graduation, he could no longer share with them the joy and the honor in his heart. All he could do is sit beside their gravestone and pose for a picture as if they can be with him even for a short time.

A graduation picture is one thing I have missed for Dad and Mom. In high school yes, but in our culture, a college degree is still the best honor a child can give his parents and that is something I have failed to give them. Dad has passed away without getting the chance to brag to his friends about a graduating youngest son.

At least, in high school, when I have received the honor of topping the National College Entrance Examination (now defunct) in our batch, I have felt how proud my parents, brother and teachers have been. It is just frustrating that I have missed the chance of honoring my parents with a college diploma.

I guess, the best diploma we can give our parents is not the nice folded paper we get during commencement exercises but other peoples’ testimony about how we use our life for God, our family, our friends and even for the community. It is not always a diploma but the goodness of character in the many facets of living that will define a person in a manner that will bring lasting honor to his or her parents’ name.

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