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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Can Dad See Us? Just Wondering

Mom & I
This week Mom has been having frequent episodes of high blood pressure reaching as high as 240/100 mmHg. Actually, twice this week. Perhaps, she’s been thinking too much.

After taking her medicine, she would lay in the sofa with cold compress on her forehead and chest. After she has relaxed, her blood pressure would start to go down. When her BP stabilizes, she would fall asleep.

Before, it was Dad who would fix her bed. Every time, her blood pressure would shoot up, Dad would put liniment on her chest and would massage her gently. Even after Dad had a “stroke”, he would still insist to fix mom’s bed. Although, sometimes he could not fix it properly. I’d just redo it afterward.

I wonder, can Dad see us? Can he see how we are doing from where he is? In his absence, I would have to try to fill in his shoe and take care of Mom.   

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