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Friday, June 24, 2011

Three Faces of a Father

Last Sunday, our speaker in church is, Rev. Dr. Daniel N. Miranda, QCPACE North West District Superintendent. He has spoken about being a father in celebration of Fathers’ Day last Sunday. He has used three images of a father from the Old and New Testament in an attempt to clear out the role of fathers in the family.

First, a Sacrificing Father

God tested Abraham’s faith by asking him to sacrifice his one and only beloved son, Isaac. The bible did not say what went on in his mind at that particular time. Perhaps, he knew God would not break his promise of an endless descendant through him so he would expect God to replace his son, Isaac even if he sacrificed him on the mountain.   

Abraham readily surrendered to the command of God without question. His trust in the goodness of God did not waiver no matter how confusing was the situation for him. God was pleased with his faith and he passed the test as God expected. He gave him a ram to offer instead of his son, Isaac.

How many of us fathers are willing to give our children to God for the ministry? Are we ready to give our sons to God as Abraham has shown?

Second, a Father who does not discipline his sons

Eli was the high priest in the temple. His sons Hophni and Phinehas were priests too but the bible describes them as evil men. They appropriate the best part of the animal offerings for themselves and even had illicit relations with the women servers in the sanctuary.

Eli was an image of a father who seemed to have not disciplined his children. He failed to guide them into the way that is pleasing to the Lord.

How many of us fathers are disciplining our children and molding them toward the right way? Sometimes, fathers are so busy with work that they miss giving their children ample quality time and just let other people (like nannies) do the parenting.

Third, a father who loves devotedly

The gentile ruler in the account of Matthew 9:18 whose daughter had died, was an image of a father who loved his child selflessly. He was a ruler, a gentile with honor and stature, yet did not mind bowing down before a Jewish teacher, who must have been lower in social standing just to obtain healing for his daughter.

Such is an image of selflessness. How many of us can set aside personal enjoyment for the sake of our children?

Let these three Faces of a Father guides us in carrying our responsibility as fathers to our children.

Image above courtesy of:

QCPACE (Quezon City Philippine's Annual Conference East, North West District- United Methodist Church)

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