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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Convoy

Another exciting adventure for an innocent child like I had been was firearm test firing. Since RDC test weapons for military use, there were many occasions when dad would tag me along. They would test pistols and rifles of different kinds and caliber. Sometimes he would let me hold those firearms and feel how to fire a caliber .22 revolver.

Although as a child, I could not understand why they had to shoot different combat helmets neatly arranged on the target area with their M1-Garand Rifles. I did not actually witnessed the shooting but I could see the big holes on those heavy metallic helmets.

However, the most exciting adventure was the convoy of military trucks dad led as a government inspector for the M16A1 SRDP. The convoy would travel from GHQ to Camp Antonio Luna in Bataan and back heavily escorted. We would ride in one of the military jeeps. I would wear my marine uniform so I felt that I was one of them. However, still an innocent 7 year old, I would fall asleep in the middle of our travel with my hands on a rifle (a real but safely unloaded one) totally unaware of the hazard. Those military trucks were fully loaded with thousands of M16A1 rifles!

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