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Friday, May 15, 2009

The Plant Superintendent

After dad’s retirement from military service in 1980, Elisco Tool Manufacturing Corp, the exclusive manufacturer of M16A1 Rifles in the Philippines under license from Colt Inc USA, hired him as Plant Superintendent. The assembly plant was in Bataan and every summer, I would spend my vacation there with dad. As a child, I had seen and learned how to assemble, dismantle and test fire an M16A1 rifle. Sometimes, I would even sneak into the firing range to share in the firing spree! Usually, dad would not know but the employees would tell dad afterwards. It was safe though because the rifle was placed on a metal clamp and was locked in its place. Nobody held the rifle for test fire. The person doing the test fire would adjust the rear and front sight based on the grouping of the bullets on the target sheet which he watched through a TV monitor. It was chicken for me...

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