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Saturday, May 30, 2009

A Father in the Workplace

I remember doing naughty things as a boy at the workplace of my dad…

Everybody had a time card and since I wanted to act as if I was an employee too, one time, I punched a time card just like the way everybody did. The problem was, I did not have my own time card so I just picked one time card and punched it.

“Ha, ha… I have timed in.” It was a wonderful feeling to work!

However, as I pulled out the time card out of the box-like clock on the wall, I noticed that I stamped a new time with a same date on the employee’s time card for that day. Since, there was a double entry on one slot, the ink was a bit scattered, which made the entry unreadable. I felt I did something wrong but I kept silent. Several days afterwards came pay day. The time keeper came to check the time cards. As expected, a problem arose when he could not read the entry on that particular date. Thus, the time keeper could not determine if the employee was late or not so he could not release to the employee his salary. Everybody was sure it was my doing.

“Did you do that”? Dad asked. I was so scared but I had to admit it.

“Yes, dad.” I said, then I bowed my head. I knew he was furious and wanted to spank me but he controlled himself.

“Don’t you do that again!” He warned me sternly. Then he told the employee that he would just pay his salary for the particular day in question.

“Whew!” I felt so relieved when the problem was settled.

I remember the following day, Dad gave me my own time card.

“Ha, ha, ha! I have my own time card!” I happily told myself. I did not bother to understand what problem I had caused.

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