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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

A Great Singer

My dad loved to sing in church although there were only a few songs in his repertoire. He would sing from his favorite songs: “Give Thanks”, “Purihin at Sambahin”, (Papuri), “Sa Aking Pagdulog” (Papuri), “Sino Ako?”, and “Glorify Your Name”. His favorite Christmas Carols were “Himig Pasko”, “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”, “Silent Night” and “Oh, Holy Night”. I remember him doing all those Christmas songs in a medley. Of course, I did the arrangement. He sang only with me on the keyboards.

He had a good singing voice. He sang with the choir before as a tenor or bass “whichever the choir needed” as he would always remark although, it was easier for him to perform in solo. The only problem he had was rhythm. When he sang, I had to follow his beat instead of him singing as the organ played. Nevertheless, his singing voice was one legacy I cherish.

He also loved to dance. I would remember him dance to his favorite tunes at home and a few occasions in church. Well, that’s one thing I would not be able to follow…

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