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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Cool Dad

I survived GBS but I needed to undergo physical therapy. It was the key to recovery. However, I must admit that although I was doing my exercises, I was not very diligent. Maybe, I was discouraged. How could you exercise your legs that you could not move! Therapy was an ordeal for me. More than the physical hurt, it was hurting me more psychologically.

Dad would think of ways to encourage me. He would make his attack from the bright side of life. He would buy and wear new pairs of pants and shoes to make me envious. It was his way of making me think of the things I could enjoy if I regained strength and in order to regain strength, I must exercise. In contrast with Mom, who would focus on the things that I would miss if I would not walk again.

In fact, Dad had bought me a couple of pairs of shoes in spite of my physical condition. It was his way of saying, he was not losing hope…

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