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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Farewell, "Ninong"

Edgardo de Castro
July 4, 1946 – October 25, 2009

It is sad news, my ninong (godfather) Eddie has passed away.

He is like a second father to me. Actually, he wants me to call him uncle ninong since his wife is my mom’s younger sister. As a boy, I remember, we would always ride his scooter to go around for a joy ride. I would spend a week over at their house. Then we would go shopping at Rustans and he would put me on the push cart. I was probably, 4 or 5 years old. We would have dinner at the “Aristocrat Restaurant”, a famous restaurant in Manila facing the Manila Bay. I could finish a large chicken barbeque (thigh and leg) with fried rice.

One thing I cannot forget about ninong is when I got sick when I was 14 years old. He is still a Catholic then (He has been converted to the Methodist faith and an active member of the St Paul UMC United Methodist Men at the time of his death), he has made a sacrificial prayer as he joined a long black Nazarene procession barefooted. Then he went straight to me at the hospital where I was at the Intensive Care Unit immediately afterwards to tell me that he has prayed for my healing.

I have seen him for the last time at the wake of my dad. I had no idea that it is going to be the last. I know how he has loved me and I will miss him too...

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