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Friday, June 4, 2010

Fathers’ Day, 2010

It’s about two weeks to go before the world celebrates Fathers’ Day again. Everyone would be celebrating with their Dads, giving them special gifts and treats. Of course, except those whose fathers are abroad or have passed away like my Dad. I’m still missing him so much in fact I’d rather miss Fathers’ Day celebrations because it will only make me miss my Dad more. It still makes me cry. Just the other day, a good friend and church mate, Ghen, posted on her Face book wall a video clip with a Happy Fathers’ Day greeting. She said (in Filipino) “He who does not cry has a heart of stone”. Indeed, I cried. It was about Olympian Derek Redmond and the amazing human spirit he had shown during the 1992 Barcelona Olympics and the love of his father. Derek was favored by spectators to win the 400 meter run but after the 250th meter mark, his hamstring tore, which had cost him the race. However, in spite of the pain, he forced himself back on track and hobbled toward the finish line weeping in agony both for the physical pain and, I believe, for losing the race for which he had trained so hard. His father ran to him to help him up and ran across the finish line. I invite you to watch the video in full for the complete story.
I know my dad would do the same for me. It just pains me so much that he is no longer here to do it for me when I would need him by my side. Of course, God, our Father is always here with us and in us. He will be our strength and shelter.Thanks Ghen for sharing the video…

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