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Friday, March 25, 2011

Dad’s Vick’s Inhaler

For the past several days, I have battling with symptoms of cold and flu. So far, I think I am still fine although I’m having a clogged and runny nose. Gosh, it’s difficult to sleep at night when you can’t seem to breathe. Thank God, I haven’t had any fever but I feel warm the other day.

I don’t advise anyone to self medicate but since I feel that a common cold is just a simple sickness, and there are medicines available over the counter, I’ve decided to take simple medicines for cold to ease the symptoms although they make me drowsy. Next time, I’ll take the “no-drowse” ones.

Still, my nose remained clogged so I’ve tried to look for any other remedy like a rubefacient but it doesn’t seem to give much relief then I’ve remembered my Dad’s Vicks Inhaler. He used to keep an inhaler before  because he used to catch cold quite often before. I’m surprised to find out that his inhaler still works even after a little over two years. Using it has been a great relief.

I’m not advertising it. Relief comes not only from the camphor and menthol in it, but also from the thought that it’s Dad himself who has bought it. It’s like Dad himself has bought a medicine for me. I remember, I always ask him to buy an inhaler for me whenever I catch a cold. How I miss those days. If only he is still here, I’m sure he’s going to rub a rubefacient balm over my chest and back. There are certain things can never be the same now that he has died. I’m just grateful that there are a lot of memories from little stuffs that still connect us together.

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