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Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Love of a Father

This is not the first time that I have seen this video of the Hoyt father and son. I have first seen this in a short film showing during our church’s Fathers’ Day celebration last year but I have had no information about who they are at that time. I have only learned about their real names through the You Tube video that Cee has posted on her blog:

It has been a tear jerker for me because the video film has touched my heart so much. Not only because of the story of the Hoyt’s, because I remember my Dad. He used to do the same for me when he was still alive. I’m a paralytic and Dad has been my strength and my feet.

We never joined the “Ironman” race or any kind of race but Dad would take me anywhere I needed to go. Without dad, I would never had any idea of what it was like outside the house. He carried me on his back whenever he needed to. Life hade become easier because I had a dad who gave his life for me. There were several offer of promotions in his work which he refused because  it would entail out of town assignments. He did not want to leave because he knew that I could not go to church without him. Whenever I try to walk around with a leg brace and crutches, I felt safe and secure when he was near because I knew he would not let me fall. I knew he was there to catch me.

Things have changed when he has passed away. Although mom is still here with me to take care of me, we would have been happier if dad is still with us. I just cannot imagine what would Rick’s (Hoyt) life would be if the time comes when his dad would have to go too. Well, I am sure his family would be there for him.

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