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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Pearl Brooch for Mom’s Day

Mothers’ Day has been a special event for our family especially when Dad is still around. We never miss the occasion without giving a gift to Mom. It does not always have to be something expensive but it is always something special.

I remember before, My Dad and I would buy mom a purse. Sometimes, a perfume or cologne because she loves perfumes especially “White Linen” although we could not buy one regularly because it is expensive here in the Philippines. Sometimes, we buy roses for her but there would always be ice cream and cake.

In the past Mothers’ Days (except for last year), I have given Mom pearl accessories (not the super expensive types). I have given her a set of pearl earrings and necklace. I want to give her a pearl ring but I can only give her a pearl brooch this year.

She adores it when I have given it to her. I have surprised her. I don’t have a picture of the brooch but I have seen something almost similar to it. I am showing it here with a proper link to show readers how the brooch looks.

I hope I can give Mom a pearl ring soon.   

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