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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Taking Care of Parents

Click the image to read a copy of SB 2819

Sen. Panfilo Lacson
Recently, Senator Panfilo Lacson files Senate Bill 2819, an act that would mandate children to look after their parents in their old age. The bill explains that in spite the fact that Filipinos have closely-knit families, and the regulations in the Family Code that children need to take care of their parents are in effect, still many abandon their parents in their old age. The bill aims to:

This proposed bill therefore seeks to further strengthen filial responsibility
and makes it a criminal offense in case of flagrant violation thereof.
Abandonment of a parent in need of support shall likewise constitute a criminal
act. A parent who is in need of support may file a petition for support before the
court and pray for the issuance of a support order against those children who
failed or refused to provide the necessary support. The legal representation of
the parent in need of support will be provided by the Public Attorney's Office and
no court fees will be asses. This bill also seeks to establish Old Age Home for the
elderly, sick or otherwise incapacitated parents in every province and highly
urbanized cities. (excerpt from the explanatory note of Senate Bill 2819)

Personally, I support the intention of the bill.

I have joined a thread in the Adgitize forum a few days ago regarding the topic “Taking Care of Parents”. The thread actually, is about an inconsiderate mother-in-law that expects too much from a son who has a family already. The daughter-in-law sighs, “When is enough, enough?!”

I can feel the frustration in spite of the fact that I am still single. I have become interested with the thread because I remember my aging mom. She has been sickly now that she is almost 80 years old. She is definitely not perfect but she has always been a good mom and never require us (her 2 children and 1 daughter-in-law) to provide for her needs because she has her own pension although she accepts when we voluntarily give her something and asks for help in case of emergencies but she is very appreciative.

I believe good children do not need a legal enforcement to take care of their parents and likewise good parents would not require their children to take care of them in their old age to the extent of filing for a court order. The problem with this bill is that inconsiderate parents might take advantage of the this legal provision to force their children to give them money.

It is easy to take the responsibility of taking care of your parents who have loved you so dearly since infancy but what if the parents have neglected and have abandoned you in your tender age then now that you have become successful, they will file for support.

I am blessed with a great set of parents. My Dad has gone up to heaven already but My Mom is still here with me. I hope I would be able to take care of her in the best way I can.

In countries like the US, senior citizens have comfortable pension houses where they can stay. In countries like the Philippines, pension houses for the elderly remain a dream. In this area, I hope Senate Bill 2819 could address this problem once it becomes a law.

Sen Panfilo Lacson's image courtesy of: wikipedia

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  1. Hi!

    I just came across your blog when I was searching for Parent Welfare Act. I'm katie from bacolod. I read some of your blogs about your father and it just feels good to read how you love him so much. My dad too was diagnosed with Kidney failure 5 months ago. He is undergoing dialysis treatments twice a week. My mom and I take care of his needs everyday. I also have 2 brothers, one is an engineer/businessman in cebu and the other has a food business in iloilo which are the reasons why I was looking for the Parent Welfare Act. My 2 brothers have cut off their support for my father since the time he was diagnosed with kidney disease. I am the only one now financing his medical treatments and at the same time, feeding and keeping a household. I sometimes laugh at myself that I am not even married yet but I am just like having my own family with kids. All my earnings can barely pay all the bills but what is important is that Dad gets to take his medicines and dialysis treatments on time. God makes ways for me to go through all this. He really provides.

    You are right when you said that things like this should not go to the extent of filing a petition for parent neglect. I have since thought about this. 5 months have passed and several emails and correspondence to my 2 brothers are refused. and for that I hope this bill passes thru. It is really not for me but for my father to survive.

    God bless you and your mom!


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