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Saturday, June 11, 2011

My Dad and Mom and I

Maybe the new Mc-Donald’s McFloat TV commercial about three old men dining in McDo have amused us all. It is funny that the two old men still call the other “kulot” (curly-haired) when his hair has already receded and is almost bald. Perhaps, that is how they have used to call him since their younger years. Ironically, one of them forgets the name of the one he is talking to at the closing scene.

Images of old men remind me of my Dad. A few years before his passing, after he has had a stroke, Dad would always recant stories about his past. He would vividly recall experiences he has had from the start of his military service, or from experiences, he has had from other jobs he has done before. I would listen to his stories even though he has told it several times. He would always express his opinions about political events especially against EDSA 2 and Mrs. Arroyo.

I really miss those days. Actually, Mom is starting to become like Dad. She would recall experiences she has had in the past then she would cry especially the time when Dad is still courting her. She sometimes tell the same stories but I am ready to listen to her even she tells those old stories over and over again. She's turning 80 on Thursday, June 14.

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