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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Aquilino Pimentel III: the New Senator-elect

As expected, after Senator Migs Zuburi has resigned from his position as Senator, the Senate Electoral Tribunal has declared that now-Senator Koko Pimentel III has won the 12th seat in the 2007 mid-term elections by 200,000 votes.

Zubiri’s action I guess has paid off. His humility has earned respect from his political colleagues and even from his political rival Senator Pimentel. Although, we can say that it could have been a typical “damage control” strategy so to speak.

Now the challenge to the politicians is how they can contribute to the vision of change. It may not be an easy drive toward the “right way” but we all need to start somewhere.

I just can’t recall if Dad voted for Pimentel in the 2007 election. As far as I recall, he does not like Pimentel either. 


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