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Thursday, August 25, 2011

A Loyalist Stance

My Dad is such a loyalist. Before, I had considered him a Marcos Loyalist as he had been indignant about EDSA I, which had brought Cory Aquino to power. I thought maybe because he had most of his career advancement during the Marcos regime as a decorated military serviceman, a Marine.

In fact, during the 70’s, close to the suspension of the writ of habeas corpus, the government has sent him to the United States Marine Education Center in Virginia for special training. When the plan had leaked out to media, news went out that Marcos had sent a strike force against the political opposition in the US to train. I think he had kept a copy of the newspaper. It was totally unfounded and purely malicious. I could not blame him when he used to say that he could not trust everything that media report.

Then in EDSA II, he showed the same indignation. He resented Gloria Arroyo’s rise to the presidency. Well, true enough, the Arroyo administration had been ridden with accusations of graft and corruption.

However, I realized that he was not a loyalist to a particular politician. He was against toppling down a duly constituted government by force. He considered it a power grab for whatever reason. I think his view is reasonable. We need to utilize all appropriate legal processes otherwise we will all live in a chaotic society.

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