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Thursday, September 1, 2011

At a Funeral Service in Honor of the Life and Faith of Vic Crisologo

I have attended the funeral service for daddy Vic Crisologo, an elder member of our church and has been an able chairperson of the Church Council several years ago.

Daddy Vic with his wife Mommy Areta
The funeral service has been very solemn and melancholic. It brings back memories of my dad when he is the one lying before the altar inside a casket. I just couldn’t stop my tears from escaping my eyes.

I remember having conversations with Daddy Vic Crisologo before. He would always express his appreciation for me as a church organist especially since he has been the one who has donated the organ I have been using then to the church. He loves hearing the sound of the organ inside the church.

Recently, after staying for a long time abroad, he and his family has returned home. One Sunday, he has approached me to ask about my Dad because he’s not seeing him around. He knows that it’s my Dad who takes me to church. He knows we have been inseparable. It’s been only then that he has found out about Dad’s passing.

Now, perhaps they are together. I just wonder if they would recognize each other up there in heaven?  

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