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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Dad’s 74th Birthday

If Dad is alive today, he would turn 74 years old. It has been almost three years since he has passed away but it still feels so sad. It is so sad to be without a Dad who so caring and loving.

I would love to have ice cream and cake on his birthday because that’s how we have always celebrated his birthday when he is still here with us but Mom’s a little sick lately; her face is a bit swollen because of allergy. We are also controlling her diabetes milletus so she should not indulge with sweets so much but definitely Mom would ask to prepare a special dish for all of us to celebrate Dad’s birthday.

We will definitely visit his grave. Maybe not today because its Sunday and I will be in church the whole day today just as what Dad and I have always done before when he is still here with us.

This day will always be a special day for the family.

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