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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Mom Dreams About Dad

Mom and I
A couple of days before Dad’s birthday, Mom has become sick. She has suffered from a form of allergic dermatitis and her head and face has become swollen. Her doctor has prescribed anti-biotic, anti-histamine and mefenamic acid for the swelling.

Mom complains of headache because of the swelling and when her blood pressure shoots up at the same time, the pain intensifies. It’s an ordeal for her.

One morning, she woke up very early. After she went to the comfort room, she went back to the sofa and sat. Apparently, she was still very sleepy. She took her transistor radio and turned it on. While the music filled the room, it seemed to lull her back to sleep sitting down.

After several minutes, our house assistant saw Mom in that position and noticed that the radio was slowly slipping off her hands. Fearing that it would fall and break, she took it from her hands. She thought she was awake. However, that motion woke up Mom very abruptly and so she was infuriated.

She said Dad visited her in her sleep and was serenading her. It seemed so real, she said but our house assistant broke the romantic scene :-( She felt so bad about it but after a while, she was OK again.

I hope Dad is not trying to fetch Mom. I am not ready… and I guess I will never be ready...

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