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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Justice for Given Grace (Update)

According to a news report last night on GMA7, two people have been arrested for the brutal rape slay of Given Grace Cebanico; Lester Ivan Lopez Rivera, a security guard in a bank and Percival de Guzman a tricycle driver. An eyewitness have pointed to the two as the persons responsible for the barbaric crime.

De Guzman has admitted participating in the crime in terms of robbery but pointed to his companion, Rivera as the one who has killed Given to clean up the crime. In turn, Rivera has pointed at him as the one who has raped the poor young woman.

Their admission might close the case but justice will not be served until they are convicted in court and suffer the penalty of the crime they have committed; rape with murder.

Given Grace's Father
I have observed two fathers in this tragic incident. First, the father of Given Grace who has kept on weeping and wailing as the police recounts what has happened to Given Grace. It has brought enormous pain on his part to see his beloved daughter dead in the hands of merciless criminals. He has loved her daughter so much yet they have hurt her without reason. The pain and anger he is feeling is beyond description.

Second the grand father of the principal suspect who is crying too because he has had to surrender to the authorities his grandson because he can never tolerate the crime he has committed. The action he has done has brought similar pain and agony to himself but he knows that it is the right thing to do. What he has done is a very difficult but it is still a mark of good fathering: punishing a wrong doing. He has asked for forgiveness from the victim's family for what his grandson has done.

I pray that both fathers find comfort in the most trying time of their lives.

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