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Friday, October 14, 2011

I Support the Call for Justice for Given Grace

I have been ministering with young people in church. In fact, church youth members comprise our church bands and most of them are in teen age.

Young people are very passionate and energetic with their activities and it is really fun to be with the young.

I am writing this post to support the call for justice for Given Grace Cebanico. She is a Computer Science student of the University of the Philippines Los Banos. She has been murdered last Tuesday with a bullet wound in the head. Her killers has dumped her dead body, with her mouth covered with packaging tape and her hands cuffed in a canal near the university. Initially, there has been indications of rape according to reports but there is no confirmation of that as of this time but her laptop, cellular phone and wallet have been stolen.

The dreadful incident has filled local news last night and it has brought reasonable fear to many parents who have children studying in UPLB. I understand one of our young people is studying in UPLB too.

Even if I do not have a teenage daughter or sister, I can share in the feeling of concern and worry for these young people who spend much of their time away from home because of their studies. I really pray that the perpetrators of this insane, senseless and gruesome murder would be brought to justice. Such acts have no room in a civilized society.

We can only pray for these young people that they may always be safe whenever they are outside the home. At the same time I urge young people to care for each other when they group together and never let a group mate especially a teenage girl walk home or to her dormitory alone late at night.

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